Love of nature is a core value at Samnyasin/La Finca. Having lived on and operated an organic farm for more than twenty years, the Mohan Muriel family has come to value nature and has worked to sustain its beauty and share its bounty. We see organic agriculture as an ideal way to live in harmony with the earth. We grow many of the fruits and vegetables that are used in our vegetarian menu. For us this is a way of life, as well as a way of sharing with others.


We strive to share the experience of Samnyasin/La Finca not only with those coming from far away places, but with those within our own community. The Barrio of Utuado was once rich with small, successful farms. But for most, it has been a struggle to survive. We offer Samnyasin/La Finca as a model to others in the community on how to create a sustainable organic farm and to reap the gifts nature has given us. Each year we bring students from the surrounding communities, as well as students from abroad, to work together to learn the skills of maintaining an organic farm while enjoying the experience of our natural surroundings.

As part of our mission, we have worked closely with Organization Boricua de Agricultura Eco-Organica, a non-profit organization working to promote organic farming as a way to benefit the community and sustain the environment of Puerto Rico. Jointly, we have hosted numerous workshops and programs to provide the youth of Utuado with the opportunity to learn the principles of organic agriculture, as well as entrepreneurship. We invite you to join us and experience the rewards of good stewardship of the land while enjoying a rewarding and relaxing visit to our beautiful countryside.